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Oregon Regional Educator Networks

Oregon Regional Educator Networks Map
Map of Oregon’s Regional Educator Networks

In 2017, Oregon Legislature passed Senate Bill 182 which created the Educator Advancement Council (EAC), an innovative public/nonprofit partnership designed to support public educators. Through this bill, the EAC was charged with the task of creating local educator networks. These ten networks or “Regional Educator Networks” (REN) are designed to create a seamless system through three major vehicles: teacher voice, an equity lens, and a continuous improvement model.

Our Regional Educator Network (Region C), called the Western Regional Educator Network (WREN), encompasses twenty-eight school districts spanning the Lane ESD and Linn-Benton-Lincoln ESD Region. 

Mission Statement

The Western REN is an educator-led, improvement-focused network that elevates and embraces teachers’ voice by emphasizing the Equity Lens to interrupt historical patterns of inequities and support educators through every stage of their career from recruitment through retirement by creating more inclusive and empowering school cultures.